Knowledge is power, being proactive rather than reactive is vital, and understanding next steps to maintain competitive advantage will propel your business to success. These speaking engagements will provide this trilogy of must-have information to wide audiences who are actively seeking ways to stay competitive and grow their businesses.  The presentation will be dynamic in style to keep the audience engaged while providing the education necessary to remain relevant in today’s Information Age.

Why eStrategic Speakers?

Types of Speaking Events

  • Trade Association Conferences
  • Peer-to-Peer Group Meetings
  • Management Meetings
  • Staff Meetings

Benefits of a Speaker

Strategic Planning

Provide your audience with the foresight of coming technological trends that will impact their business.


Keep your audience engaged through story-telling and real world examples that they can relate to.


Attendees will walk away with key, actionable advice that they can immediately begin discussing with their management teams.

Our purpose is to help you grow your business efficiently through technologies available at your fingertips